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<b>C-Mill by Bodum</b>
C-Mill by Bodum

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Flavored Coffees

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Origins, Blends, Espresso

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Unlabeled Coffee or Tea Bag Packets

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Chalkboard Mug

<b>Toddy Maker</b>
Toddy Maker
Cold Brew? The Toddy Maker uses cold water and a specially designed filter system to product a coffee concentrate from your ground coffee. The cold water brewing system take many of the oils and acids found in hot brewed coffee because they are not soluble at low temperatures. What's left is a smooth brew with all the wonderful flavors intact, plus it is easier on the stomach. Many doctors recommend Toddy coffee to their patients who are sensitive to the acid in hot brewed coffee.

Here's how it works! Place one pound of regular ground coffee and nine cups of cold water to the container and allow to steep for eight to twelve hours. Remove and save the plug and let the concentrate trail through the filter into the glass carafe. Compost the remaining grounds and rinse the filter thoroughly. Simple as that! The concentrate is then refrigerated for up to three weeks or frozen for several months. No more brewing a pot of coffee and throwing half of it away! Want a cup? Simply put one part coffee concentrate into three parts water and microwave or add one part concentrate to three parts hot water. To make iced coffee serve over ice.

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